Crimson News · NWSC Varsity Game Procedures

Northwest Suburban Conference – Fall 2020

Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer Varsity Game Procedures


In efforts to closely follow the Minnesota Department of Health’s Covid 19 guidelines and provide a safe environment for players, coaches, officials, and spectators NWSC member schools procedures for 2020 varsity soccer games are:


  • Spectators limited to 250 maximum per game/gender.
  • To purchase a ticket, adult, student, or senior citizen, your name will need to be on an approved home or visitor school list at the ticket area at the designated home site.  Only those on the approved home or visitor school list will be allowed to purchase a ticket and enter the game.
  • Lists for each game will be created by the home and visiting team through the varsity coaches and players for each gender.
  • Some schools may be utilizing both sets of bleachers at their site.
  • Some schools may require a mask for entry.
  • Exiting directions after each game will be announced.
  • No conference passes are allowed for entry.
  • The stadium will be cleared after the first game of a double header.
  • Spectators for the second game will not be allowed entrance until the stadium is emptied from the first game.
  • There is no re-entry. If you exit you may not re -enter.