Multiple Teams · Boys Tennis: Try-Out Information

Sponsoring Member Form – Fill this out for participation at Lifetime Monday and Tuesday! Bring with the Lifetime, or print sign and email to

Try outs are planned as follows:

Monday, March 25 from 1-3 at Lifetime Fridley. Sign in at the tennis desk and say you’re with MG tennis. They’ll direct you or look for a coach.

Tuesday, March 26 from 10 am-12pm at Lifetime Fridley.

Wednesday, March 27 from 11 am- 1 pm at MGSH. If you’re available to help hang the nets, we’ll be there around 8:30 am to start to hang nets and squeegee. Bring gloves as it’ll still be cool in the morning, though it’s supposed to be 65 mid day!



Again, try-outs are encouraged for players who want to make a higher team, but not required. If you want to challenge for a higher spot when you get back from a family trip, that is fine. However, expect to start at the same place or on a lower squad and work your way up. Follow @mrdisme for information on try-out locations.


Practices for Varsity & JV are 2:30-4:30 daily starting on 4/1 at MGSH

Practices for C are 3-4:30 daily starting 4/1 at MGSH

Practices for 7/8 are 3-4:30 T-F starting 4/2

Spring inter school shuttle:

247​ 2:50 MGMS​3:05 MGSH

251​ 2:55 OMS​3:10 MGSH​

252​ 2:50 MGMS​3:05 OSH

255​ 2:50 MGMS​3:05 MGSH​3:10 Sundance Golf

265 ​2:50 OMS​3:05 PCSH

270​ 2:50 MGMS​3:05 OMS/OSH​3:15 MGSH

281 ​2:50 OMS ​3:05 MGMS