Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Tennis: Down Totino Grace 6-1

Doubles team of Ashley Denniger (left) and Summer Demos (right) wait for a return in their #2 doubles match (Photo courtesy of Crimson Tennis)

The girls varsity tennis team battled Northwest Suburban Conference foe Totino-Grace last week and took home a 6-1 victory.

Winning singles matches for the Crimson were: freshman Zoe Adkins (6-1) (6-0), junior Emily Carlson (6-1) (4-6) (7-6), sophomore Grace Bakke (6-2) (6-1).

Winning doubles matches for the Crimson were: senior Victoria Epshteyn and senior Maria Shoults (6-1) (6-1), senior Summer Demos and sophomore Ashley Denniger (6-7) (6-2) (6-2), and junior Maddie Ross and sophomore Anusha Patel (6-2) (6-0).