Multiple Teams · Boys Tennis: 5/7-5/12

Monday: Varsity: Match at Park Center at 3:30. High schoolers be there at 3. Middle schoolers as soon as possible.

JV match at home at 3:30 against Park Center. Jim will be there at 2:45.

C & 7/8 Match against Wayzata at Parker’s Lake. Bus leaves MGSH at 3 pm. Pick up 7/8 at MGMS at 3:15. Match at Parker’s Lake at 4.


Picture day, 7/8 take the bus over to MGSH with your picture forms. Do NOT give to coaches, but instead to the photographer on 5/8.

JV/C first (2:30)

Varsity second (3/3:15 or whenever Andrew and Eli get there)

7/8 third (3:30)

C Team and 7/8 practice after pictures. Varsity and JV bus leaves for Elk River at 3:30 weather permitting.


Inter-squad tournament. 7/8 squad take the bus over to MGSH. Matches will begin when they arrive. BBQ cancelled.


Conference Championship vs. Elk River.

Varsity away, bus leaves at 315. JV/C at home.

Friday: C & 7/8 match at Minnetonka High School cancelled. Practice all levels.

*When busses are provided, it is required for you to ride, or communicate with your coach a valid reason why you are not taking the bus. Please know that taking a bus costs money, and if it’s provided we need to use it.*


Varsity: St Paul Harding Tournament no bus, schedule below. Jim will have the lineups because Coach D is out of town for a wedding.

9am at Harding (Harding)

11 at Como High School (Mpls Southwest)

1:30 at Como High School (Hopkins)

JV Tournament: Wayzata Tournament bus leaves from the courts at 8 am. Schedule below. We are expecting the entire JV to be there. You must communicate with Paige and Jim if you can’t be there or ride the bus before next week. We will find a player to replace you if you can’t be there, but we can’t if you don’t tell us. Schedule below:


Round 1:

9:00 a.m.  Wayzata 1 vs. Benilde St. Margarets  at Wayzata H.S.

9:00 a.m.  Eden Prairie vs. Edina at Central M.S.


Round 2:    Winners of round 1 at Wayzata H.S.

Round 2:    Losers of round 1 at Central M.S.



Round 1:

9:00 a.m.  Maple Grove  vs. Wayzata 2 at Wayzata H.S.

9:00 a.m.  Minnetonka vs Moundsview at Minnetonka H.S.

Round 2:    Winners of round 1 at Wayzata H.S.

Round 2:    Losers of round 1 at Minnetonka H.S.

Round 3:  Championship Match at Wayzata H.S.  (Winners of the previous 2 rounds)

Round 3:  3rd-4th Place Match at Wayzata H.S. (Teams with a round 1 win and a round 2 loss)

Round 3:  Consolation Final  at Central M.S. (Teams with a round 1 loss and a round 2 win)

Round 3:  7th-8th Place Match at Minnetonka H.S (Losers of the previous 2 rounds)



  1. Match play will start at 9:00 a.m. Please meet at your first playing site!
  2. Match play will consist of the best two out of three sets, no add scoring, with a super tiebreaker in lieu of a third set.
  3. 2nd and 3rd round matches will start immediately after previous round.
  4. Each player or doubles team is to supply one ball per match (bring seven cans per team.)
  5. Players should bring food and beverages for the entire day. No time will be given for food breaks.