Multiple Teams · Class of 2019 Crimson Activities Banner Nomination News

Congratulations to Crimson Class of 2019 student-athletes Riley Allison, Tyler Burkum, Evan Hull, Mannon McMahon, Mia Omar, Dylan Peck, Alexie Pryd, and Jared Rainey who will represent Crimson Activities on the website banner for the 2018-19 school year!

Below is a sample of the great comments shared regarding this group of Crimson student-athletes!

  • Riley is a very dedicated athlete and student. She is also kind to everyone she meets!”
  • Tyler is one of the Crimson’s top varsity golfers and Nordic skiers. He is also an exceptional student and overall a very well-rounded and good person. He represents Maple Grove and the Crimson Way very well!”
  • “He’s a beast! Evan is one of the best Crimson athletes ever! Can’t wait to see what he does next year and in the future.”
  • “I would love to see Mannon recognized because of the commitment she has made to better herself not only athletically, but academically, and simply all around as a kind-hearted individual. She does everything the correct way and is not only an amazing role model to me, but to the youth of this community! In my opinion she is the perfect model of showing the Crimson Way.”
  • Mia is such a great teammate and positive motivator! Not to mention she rocks at soccer! I would be proud to know she represents the school and the soccer team next year.”
  • Dylan is such a hard working athlete! He is a great teammate because he is level headed on the mound with the toughness to fight through adversity.”
  • Alexie shares her joy and positive energy with everyone she meets. She leads by example and demonstrates her Crimson pride by giving 100% to everything she does. She strives to make a difference in people’s lives every day.”
  • Jared is such a hard worker and is dedicated to anything he puts his mind to. He puts others before himself and stands up for what he believes. I’ve never met someone with such high morals and standards for himself. And he crosses everybody!”

Thanks to Crimson Nation for taking the time to nominate your peers, friends, and family. We will be asking for suggestions in the spring of 2019 for our next banner, stay tuned.

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