Varsity Robotics · Robotics: Informational Meetings

Crimson Robotics on display at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair (Courtesy of @279sup)

Crimson Robotics is looking for new team members!

Mechanical, electrical or design engineering skills?

Know Java or want to learn how to code?

Business, marketing or finance interest?

Are you a creative photographer, graphic designer, or videographer?

All of these skills and interests are great resources for our team.

Team 2526, Crimson Robotics is comprised of hard working, diligent individuals who practice gracious professionalism in not only their work with First Robotics Competition, but also their daily lives. Our team strives to work their hardest, to become great leaders, and to develop a great work ethic.

Informational Meeting: Wednesday, September 14th in Forum Room @ 2:30 pm

Parent Meeting: Thursday, September 15th in Forum Room @ 7:00 pm

Any questions? Visit or email